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Best IIT JEE Main and Advance coaching along with X / XII Board Examination preparation

"Success is failure turned inside-out
The silver tint of the clouds of doubt
And you never can tell how close you are
It may be near when it seems so far … ”

These oft-quoted lines have empowered innumerable people, highlighting the twin qualities of perseverance and passion to pursue the dream. It was exactly with this ideology, the desire to help those who were pursuing their dream of academic excellence, that Study Vault’s School Integrated Program was conceived to function.

The SIP enables and equips students to qualify various competitive examinations across the country. Consciously planned and executed with dedication, it nurtures socio-emotional context while imparting knowledge and application of concepts thereby ensuring a learning that lasts for a lifetime! The conceptual knowledge of Mathematics and Sciences given by the experienced faculty strengthens the fundamentals, strengthening the foundation for the road ahead. Almost a precursor to the National Education Policy’s vision to make learning truly effective and not just rote-based, the initiative also focuses on time and stress management, regular feedback and a joyful learning-environment that leads to competency development.

As the program works single-mindedly towards bridging the gap between the aspirations and achievement of the students, we take immense pleasure in sharing with you our success story. We are very proud to announce that 5 SIP students scored AIR 04, 18, 21, 26 & 52 in the Top 100 of the NSTSE exams, and 5 SIP students scored AIR 140, 144, 160, 177, & 192 in the Top 200. The students performed well not just in the CBSE but also in the IMO results for 2021–2022, earning 32, 54, and 67 International Ranks, respectively, with many more International Ranks in the TOP 500. The NSO results were as anticipated, with students achieving International Ranks of 18, 25, 44, and 86, demonstrating that excellent outcomes are easily attainable with effort and instructions from SIP teachers. Our team is dedicated to provide full assistance provide full assistance leading to State Ranks of 1, 3, 9, 19, 21, 24, 36, 37, 38, and 51 in IOS. Furthermore, 28 students were chosen from the SIP section of the IOM exam, and the majority of them received excellent percentile scores, with the highest state rank being 7. Also, they have excelled in their CBSE board exams; 50% of the students have scored above 98 in science and math and the rest have scored above 90%, with the average score for the same being 95.5%.

With the collective efforts of the school, its students, their parents and a highly experienced faculty, no dream is too distant to achieve, no road too difficult to travel. SIP walks hand in hand with the students in their journey of setting new benchmarks, climbing every mountain, fording every stream, following every rainbow till they realize their dream!

Mrs. Sangeeta Hajela, Principal
Delhi Public School, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad

It is very important today that students score very well in Board results along with preparation of IIT-JEE or other competitive entrance tests. Our efforts of last half a decade are rewarding us high which we are passing on to our students to build a great foundation for their careers. Our students are doing remarkably well to strike a fine balance between Board Exam results and competitive entrance tests ranks. Highlights of 2019 are :

  • Over 75% selection in JEE-Advance 2020.
  • Over 45% selection in JEE-Mains 2020.
  • More Than 20% for the Students Scored 99+ Percentile in JEE- MAINS 2020.
  • Over 70% students scored above 90% marks in CBSE Board Exam.

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