NTSE : National Talent Search Examination

National Talent Search Examination, NTSE is conducted by NCERT. Official website of NCERT is www.ncert.nic.in. Kindly check the websites for latest updates.

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NTSE is once in a lifetime opportunity for Class X students and Study Vault recommends that every student in Class X must write this exam. NTSE was introduced by NCERT in 1963 in the name of National Science Talent Search Scheme (NSTSS) and was meant for Science students only. Later this was changed to NTSE which in now beneficial for students of Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities, Languages, Commerce, Vocational Studies, Fine Arts, and professional courses such as Engineering, Medicine, Technology, Management, and Law – covering almost everything. Every year 1,000 NTSE scholarships are awarded to class X students which pays them every month from class XI to Post-Graducation level, and during Ph.D. as well as per the norms of UGC.

The following scholarships are awarded to the selected students:-

    (a) Scholarship of Rs. 1,250/- per month for XI and XII.
    (b) Scholarship of Rs. 2,000/- per month for Undergraduates and Post-Graduates.
    (c) Scholarship for Ph.D. is fixed as per UGC norms.

Students of professional courses can avail scholarship up to post-graduation level while all other can avail scholarship up to Ph.D. level.

Advertisements for applications are released by respective State / Union Territory (UT) in the month of July-September. Examinations are conducted in two stages – Stage I is state level screening and Stage II is national level final selection. Stage-I examination is usually conducted in the month of November for which eligibility criteria, fees and other guidelines are notified by respective State/UT. Shortlisted candidates from Stage – I, do not have to pay any fee for Stage – II examination which is usually conducted in the month of May.

Being an NTSE scholar is lifetime achievement. NTSE ranks are not only recognised by many international colleges and universities, but they are also considered a certificate of merit and appreciation during job interviews. Furthermore, it boosts the self-confidence of the student and makes him/her ready for a rewarding career in the professional world.

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For all the NTSE aspirants studying in class VII, VIII, IX or X, we recommend that you write our SEAT test and gaze your own potential, aptitude and scholastic abilities. Study Vault will be conducting Scholarship-cum-Entrance-Aptitude Test (SEAT) twice every year.

SEAT is aimed to give a unique experience to the student in order to observe whatever the student has learnt till now and to know what best he/she is capable of currently. SEAT will have questions that will check the aptitude, potential, scholastic abilities and the personality of the student. Once a student joins our program, it will be our endeavour to analyze, coach and make possible to take the student to the best institution in India and the world including IIT, NIT, AIIMS, MIT, and Stanford etc. Here is the sample report of the kind of analyse SEAT does.

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