NSTSE : National Level Science Talent Search

National Level Science Talent Search, NSTSE is conducted by Unified Council. Kindly check the official website www.unifiedcouncil.com for latest updates.

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National Level Science Talent Search (NSTSE) measures how well a student has understood the concepts and provides a detailed feedback to help him/her improve. NSTSE aims at improvement rather than comparison or grading. It also reduces the stress of exams by checking ‘understanding and reasoning’ rather than just ‘knowing’.

Focus on fundamentals is very important. When a child finishes studies he/she will have to face the competitive world armed with fundamentals. All the competitive entrance exams such as IIT-JEE, AIEEE, AFMC, AIIMS, GRE, GMAT, CAT etc., are designed to test the fundamental strength of a student. Building a fundamental-base as strong and as early as possible is the philosophy behind NSTSE. In NSTSE, the emphasis for assessment of scholastic skills is mainly on Mathematics and Science.

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NSTSE is unlike other tests in many different ways. NSTSE has interesting questions that require thinking, not simply a recall. NSTSE provides detailed skill-wise feedback highlighting strengths and weaknesses. NSTSE provides a benchmark of the student's performance and his / her peers.

Prizes for National Achievers

  • NSTSE Topper is awarded Rs. 2,00,000 cash prize. The student who achieves the highest percentage of marks among all the classes is declared as NSTSE Topper.
  • Top 3 rankers of each class are awarded a Tablet PC + a Memento + a Medal, each.
  • Next 22 rankers in each class (Ranks 4 to 25) of each class are awarded a cash prize of Rs. 1,000 each.
  • Rankers 26 to 100 of each class are awarded BMA’s Talent & Olympiad Exams Resource Book each.
  • All the rankers (1 to 100) are each awarded a Britannica Concise Encyclopedia and Planet Earth (2 CD Pack) worth Rs. 1,690, a Medal and a Certificate of Appreciation.
  • Participation certificates are offered to all students who appear for the examination.

For all the NSTSE aspirants studying in class VII, VIII, IX or X, we recommend that you write our SEAT test and gaze your own potential, aptitude and scholastic abilities. Study Vault will be conducting Scholarship-cum-Entrance-Aptitude Test (SEAT) twice every year.

SEAT is aimed to give a unique experience to the student in order to observe whatever the student has learnt till now and to know what best he/she is capable of currently. SEAT will have questions that will check the aptitude, potential, scholastic abilities and the personality of the student. Once a student joins our program, it will be our endeavour to analyze, coach and make possible to take the student to the best institution in India and the world including IIT, NIT, AIIMS, MIT, and Stanford etc. Here is the sample report of the kind of analyse SEAT does.

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